Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!

08/23/2016 14:30:27
Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!
So many U.S. costumers seek to find the best car to buy, and they have some features which define they're top car in their minds before going car shopping.

So many U.S. costumers seek to find the best car to buy, and they have some features which define they're top car in their minds before going car shopping. The buying decision factors not just in price but also in pure emotional appeal. Here are the names of cars which we define the best from consumer reports.



Best compact car “Subaru Impreza”, this model might be small but the car's ride and the overall comfort if offers will surprise anyone. The model comes with expansive window glass, and lots of interior space for a car this size. It has a suite of available safety technology, great crash-test results, and an available hatchback version. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall you'll appreciate its superb all-wheel-drive traction.



Best midsized car “Toyota Camry”, this vehicle might seem a bit vanilla for its looks, that is why we call it the best-selling flavor of ice cream. Don't get fooled by the exterior cause when it comes to driving experience it has not so many rivals. Great outward visibility, controls that are easily to handle, and a roomy interior, these might not make it the most thrilling but it's far from plain. A quite cabin, slick powertrains, a comfortable ride, and sound handling make it pleasant and capable. You can also get a hybrid version of it, if you're interested in fuel economy vehicles at reasonable prices.



The best small SUV “Subaru Foreste”, you might have heard people calling it as an official car of “New England”. Even so, this model is good enough to be the top small SUV of everywhere. It's roomy, rides comfortably, and handles unflappably. It has an AWD system that routed the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. It has the best sight lines from the driver's seat of any model on the market.



Best Luxury SUV “Lexus RX”, Lexus' luxury segment cars have dominated for 20 years now in the automotive luxury vehicles world. The origami styling and its “Predator” show that RX has shifted from being an understated part of the Little League parking lot to a more extroverted design player. The hybrid version gets an impressive 29 mpg overall.



Best Sports car under $40K “Mazda MX-5 Miata”, if there is someone who packs it for real, than that might be nobody else than Mazda. It is great at combining lithe, precise handling with a crisp manual stick shift and a zoomy engine-that gets an enviable 34 mpg to crease the perfect car for the enthusiast driver and weekend racer. It is not just jumpy, with firm suspension, loud cabin, and tight quarters for taller drivers, it is also very reliable.



The best Pickup truck “Ford F-150”, Ford created a pickup that weights less, but drives quick off the line and is also fuel-efficient. This 2.7 liter turbo V6 has more grunt than truck traditionalists may expect. It gets 1mpg better than a comparable Chevy. The cabin is really quite and spacious, with large windows and windshield pillars to aid outward visibility. It is a solid workhorse and one of the 2016's top picks.


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